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Fuel pellet

Wood pellet (fuel pellets) is one of the few alternative types of fuel.

At the private enterprise "Dizain" there is a powerful line for the production of pellets of Italian production with two granulators "Gamma 42", "Berga 4 pm" and matrices from "Generaldies" with a total yield of up to 2 tons of finished products per hour. Our wood pellet is a premium class product with high quality characteristics that meet all international and domestic standards. Low moisture, ash and sulfur content together with good calorific value make our pellets an excellent type of fuel. The pellet is packed in strong transparent polyethylene bags of 15 kg which in its turn are formed in packages weighing 1 ton on wooden pallets of own production with marking according to phytosanitary requirements by the IPPC brand.

PE "Dizain" in the process of production of the main products accumulates large amounts of wood waste, namely: dry and wet sawdust, wood chips and lumps from the optimizing line. It is clear that all this is processed into fuel pellets. Therefore, large volumes of pellet production by our enterprise can satisfy almost any buyer.

The use of pellets is appropriate, both from an economic point of view and from the point of view of environmental safety. The rising cost of fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal) will only increase the efficiency of the use of fuel pellets. It is also important that the raw material for the production of energy pellets is wood - a renewable resource, which is a natural battery that can store large amounts of solar energy for a long time. Pellets are one of the most environmentally friendly fuels. Not only does it not pollute the environment, but it also solves the problem of wood waste disposal. When burning pellets, the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is ten times lower than in other fossil fuels. Wood pellets are considered a neutral fuel because the same amount of CO2 is released during combustion as during wet rot. The ash content of pellets is 15-20 times less than that of coal.

When burning 1000 kg of wood pellets, the same amount of thermal energy is released as when using it:

  • 480 m3 of gas
  • 1600 kg of wood
  • 500 l of diesel fuel
  • 685 l of fuel oil

In the world, every year, the production and consumption of fuel pellets increases at a tremendous rate. PE "Dizain" is always open for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with you!

Specification of our wooden pellets:

  1. Diametr of pellet -6 mm
  2. Length - 8-20mm
  3. Moisture 6% (allowed 10%)

Ashes content - 0,6% (last time we have tested in lab), first time we have tested was 0,3% (allowed according to standarts 1%).

Сontent of sulfur 0.03% (allowed 0.08%)

The head of conbustion 18.00

Wood: pinus Sylvestris

In bags 15kg x 67= 1005kg

On wooden marked pallet with Phitosanitery IPPC stamp.


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